Bubbles can't be removed

If you're encountering small bubbles that can't be removed with no matter how much you try to push them out, then you can be sure it's not just air, but specs of dust separating the Paperlike from the iPad.

General tips to avoid dust:

  • Best environment for a dustless application: Apply the Paperlike in the bathroom full of vapour from the shower! The vapour takes down all the dust flying around after 1-2 minutes
  • Apply PaperLike in a "quiet" room, with very little activity, so there is minimal dust flying around
  • Don't hold the iPad's sticky side looking upward when uncovered
  • Under no circumstances blow air on the iPad to blow away dust from it, as that will cause more dust to fly around! Always use the dust absorber to take away dust from the iPad in the application process.

If the bubbles are at the iPad's edges, then you can use this method to get rid of the dust specs: https://paper.me/dustoff

If the applied Paperlike looks like a starry night - or the picture below, please remove it and apply the second Paperlike, as regretfully there is no way to save it at that stage. If you don't have a second Paperlike left, please get in touch with us by writing a message in the contact form below!

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