Apple Pencil is scratching the Paperlike

Is your Apple Pencil consistently scratching your Paperlike?

The Apple Pencil tip looks like it's just a piece of plastic, but what nobody knows is that it has a mini metal-core. It is most probable that your Apple Pencil's tip has reached that metal core. Have a look at the tip of the Apple Pencil, do you see a small black dot? You see it? Then you know exactly what the issue is and may assume the solution: Replace the Apple Pencil tip! :-)

It is normal that Apple Pencils wear out, even without the Paperlike. That is why Apple ships two Apple Pencil tips. In case you don't have the replacement Apple Pencil tip anymore, you can buy more directly from Apple. They're not too expensive.

Even if you don't see a small black dot on the tip of your Apple Pencil, please try replacing your Apple Pencil tip before reaching us, because that's what we'll ask you to do if you write us about this.

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