"Watch How To Video" - Sticker is between iPad and PaperLike

We have included a "Watch How To Video" sticker on side 1 of the PaperLike, so that everybody has the chance to watch the video before applying the PaperLike. The sticker is on side 1 on purpose, because you'll be removing the side 1 early in the process. So don't worry, it will not be an inconvenience when applying the PaperLike! Jan explains in this short video why that sticker is there and why it’s not an issue: https://vimeo.com/295455992

If you haven't already, please do watch the application video: www.paper.me - Then you'll notice that the sticker isn't going to be an issue.

If you do have any issue, please fill out the contact form below, we're happy to help!