Journal FAQ

  • Can I use the Journal on other apps apart from Notability?

    In principle our digital journal is simply a PDF file with linked sections, so really it's nothing fancy - but practical and in our opinion beautiful! That said, it is possible to use the PaperLike digital journal on all apps that allow to import PDF documents/templates. Jan, the creator of the ...
  • How do I upload the Journal into Notability?

    Open the download link on your iPad's browser (Find the current download link here: ( When you see the PDF on the browser click on the "Send" Icon Click on Notability Open Notability Finish the import
  • Where can I download the Journal?

    You'll always find the most current Digital Journal on this page: ( Just look for the "Download our Journal here" button.
  • Will PaperLike update the journal?

    We plan to update the journal every 6 months (End of May & December), so that everyone has the chance to have almost a complete year of Journalling pages available ahead! Subscribe here to get notified every time we publish the most current free PaperLike Journal: