Journal FAQ

  • Can I use the Journal on other apps apart from Notability?

    In principle our digital journal is simply a PDF file with linked sections, so really it's nothing fancy - but practical and in our opinion beautiful! That said, it is possible to use the PaperLike digital journal on all apps that allow to import PDF documents/templates. Jan, the creator of the ...
  • How do I upload the Journal into Notability?

    Open the download link on your iPad's browser (Find the current download link here: When you see the PDF on the browser click on the "Send" Icon Click on Notability Open Notability Finish the import
  • What about a version in which the week starts in Monday?

    I, Jan like planning my week on Sunday evenings. That's why our Journal starts on Sundays. We may create different versions over time, but as it's mostly a passion project we haven't invested the time to do this change.
  • Where can I download the Journal?

    You'll always find the most current Digital Journal on this page: Just look for the "Download our Journal here" button.
  • Will Paperlike update the journal?

    We plan to update the journal every 6 months (End of May & December), so that everyone has the chance to have almost a complete year of Journalling pages available ahead! Subscribe here to get notified every time we publish the most current free Paperlike Journal: